Time for an Independent Governor

who cares about reducing your taxes!


No one is listening to the taxpayer’s struggle with property taxes. 

 I pledge to reduce property taxes by at least 15% in four years. 

 This can put $4 Billion annually back into our economy.


If your mayor, legislators and the other Gubernatorial Candidates say it is impossible to reduce Property Taxes, then they do not hear your struggles and are not working for you.





I am running in memory of Fred Lange who, with the help of Courage to Connect NJ, started a citizen led campaign to look into consolidating Scotch Plains and Fanwood – One Community with Two Governments.  His efforts ended due to lack of State financial support. Never again will such an effort started by a taxpayer be unfunded.




As Executive Director of Courage to Connect NJ for the past 8 years, I have worked all across NJ with mayors, Republicans, Democrats, local officials, fire commissioners, school board members, county officials and engaged citizens to consolidate or regionalize services for NJ’s residents. 

We need Independent leadership in Trenton for innovative tax saving solutions.

More action, less talk.





We need a PROPERTY TAX Revolution in New Jersey!  

That revolution needs a leader.   I am ready to lead that revolution.

Sign the NJ Property Tax Revolution Petition!



Both parties have let us down. 

Un-elected local, county and powerful state bosses still determine who can run on the Democratic or Republican line.  I am running to serve Republicans, Democrats, Independents, the Unaffiliated and the Uninterested.