We can no longer wait to reduce property taxes!

  • The 2% property tax cap is NOT a solution.  It is a compounded increase. 
  • In 2015 our NJ statewide property taxes increased by $540 Million.  In 2016 by $703 Million.  Do we need to wait until property taxes increase by $1 Billion before we act?

  • I pledge to reduce property taxes by at least 15% in four years.

  • This will put $4 Billion annually back into our economy.



We have already taken the first steps toward reducing the number of municipalities and school districts!

  • Princeton consolidated from 2 separate governments serving 1 community in 2013.
  • South Hunterdon regionalized 4 school districts into ONE district with one administration in 2014.  South Hunterdon received NO State financial support for their study.

  • The citizens of Roxbury and Mount Arlington are looking into combining both their schools and towns for more efficient ways to provide services and education.  Their Consolidation Study Commission is currently getting NO financial support from the State.  As governor, I will fully fund the work of this Commission and other commissions that follow.

Time for an Independent Governor who will fund

regionalization and consolidation efforts.