Is New Jersey ready for an independent Governor?

Is New Jersey ready for an independent Governor?

I know we are still caught up in the 2016 Presidential election, but for NJ residents/taxpayers, the 2017 gubernatorial race is going to be a most important election. Whoever wins will have the monumental task of cleaning up the mess that Chris Christie has left behind.

Here is something I would like my fellow New Jerseyans to consider. I share this based on my experience of running for a statewide office and a federal office within the two-party system that dominates our political landscape in the Garden State.

Because of the way things are, any one of the dozen gubernatorial candidates currently jockeying for position — whether they are Republican or Democrat — will have to work through a statewide party system of local committees, county committees and state committees. They will also have to beg for money — a lot of money — from partisan special interests and really rich people. As they do these things, they will kowtow to political hacks and sycophants within their party who care much less about solving problems and the common good of our state and much more about how the machines on both sides (and the candidates they choose) are going to help them (read: get them jobs and/or direct state dollars their way).

This is our reality in New Jersey. We have a broken system that produces broken people and we continue to get broken results for our broken state.

Have we had enough? Are we ready to risk trying something different so that we can break this broken status quo?

The people who currently hold office didn't get there by a coup. We voted them in, so we hold some responsibility for this mess. Are we ready to take ownership of this responsibility for our state and break this cycle of dysfunction and get some people in office who simply want to solve the problems we need fixed? Are we ready here in New Jersey for something different or do we just want more of the same?

If we say, "yes," we want something, someone, different, then we must be willing to support with money and time, qualified independent candidates at every level of government. We must take responsibility to educate ourselves about who we are voting for and not simply accept the candidates that have been chosen by the Republican and Democratic machines as I noted above.

If we are not willing to do this, then we forfeit the right to complain about the poor government we get. If we are willing to do it, we can put people in office who genuinely care and simply want to serve our state with dignity. Either way, we get the government we deserve.

Peace, JWK

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