We can no longer wait to protect our environment

New Jersey has received a D+ for the state of its infrastructure. Our air, water, and land need to be protected for the next generation


  • Rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) to incentivize utility companies and households to be more energy efficient and invest in reducing emissions


  • Make the sale of any public utilities to private owners a referendum for a public vote. We must continue to look into other alternatives or a regional approach to retain our assets

  • Appoint members to the Highlands Council and Pineland Commission who will act in the best interest of the environment, and will support re-assessing the proposed pipelines

  • Resist the Pinelands pipeline which could compromise the 17 TRILLION gallons of freshwater in the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer


  • Enforce statewide recycling mandate on government property, parks, and schools


  • Begin building the infrastructure to support the growth of electric cars around the state, including charging stations and electric capacity

  • Promote legislation to make it easier to install solar panels on parking lots instead of open fields

  • Invest in New Jersey’s wastewater infrastructure (maintain and upgrade) to prevent leakages. Look into developing ‘green infrastructure’

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