We Can No Longer Wait to STOP the corrupt influence in NJ

 "Soft Corruption increases the cost of government. Campaign contributions add to the cost of services provided by vendors and professionals. And the extra perks awarded to the faithful in the form of pension padding, sick pay bonuses and 'no show jobs' are costs paid by the taxpayers"

- Bill Schluter author of "Soft Corruption" about NJ


1) Reinstate a strong and financially supported NJ Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to investigate contracts, budgets, bribery, no show jobs, etc.

2) Fully fund and re-empower the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) so they can function as an independent governmental agency that is responsible for monitoring both elected and candidate use of campaign funds.Governor Christie has gutted both the Inspector General and ELEC over the past 8 years. Shameful.

3) Eliminate Senatorial Courtesy, which allows individual State Senators to blackball appointments by the Governor secretly and without a reason. This is a political weapon which leads to backroom deals or inferior appointments.

4) Institute Initiative and Referendum (I&R) (currently in law in 24 states) that allows residents to petition for a referendum to change the state constitution. However, I & R should only be allowed to reform Campaign Finance, Lobbying, Conflict of Interest, Patronage, and Electoral Reforms. Only the voters can control corruption in our state, not those in power.

5) Require increased public transparency on the short- and long-term tax exemptions municipalities provide to property developers. It is time to include the public in understanding why exemptions are provided, the extent of tax exemptions, and who are not paying their fair share of taxes to the community and local schools.

We the people, with a strong Governor with integrity, must take control of our laws and regulations to STOP the culture of corruption in New Jersey. It is time to stop elected officials using Trenton and the taxpayers' money as their personal ATM.

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