About Gina Genovese


In 2009, Gina founded Courage to Connect NJ and served as Executive Director from 2009-2017.  CtoCNJ is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that supports and educates citizens and local governments seeking ways to reduce property taxes through regionalization of services and municipal consolidation. The Courage to Connect NJ Guidebook, The Tools for Municipal Consolidation, has helped three citizen groups form consolidation study commissions.  Four state-wide seminars have educated elected officials and residents about NJ's successful Princeton Consolidation and South Hunterdon's Regional School Consolidation.
Gina has been a small business owner for over 34 years. Gina opened Gina’s Tennis World in Berkeley Heights in 1983 after playing professionally in 1980-1981. She coached 25 nationally ranked players, developing individual games for over 20 years. She continues to teach tennis to students from 5-85 giving them the skills to enjoy a life-long sport.
Gina served as Mayor of Long Hill Township in Morris County. As mayor, I experienced how local government works and how inefficiently it provides services to the community. Residents often asked "What can you do to lower my property taxes?" I found that the redundancy of too many towns and school districts made our property taxes the highest in the nation. This experience led me to found Courage to Connect NJ.
Gina ran for NJ State Senate in 2007. Going door-to-door during that campaign in the 16 towns in the district, taught me about how much residents were struggling to keep up with property taxes. In the 10 years since, things have only gotten worse. I pledge to reduce Property Taxes by at least 15% in four years.
Gina graduated from Kent Place School in 1977. During my time at Kent Place School in Summit, I reinforced my belief that women can change the world.
I met my life partner Wendy McCahill 20 years ago. On October 23, 2013, we were finally able to get married.  Our marriage vows included  "I want to share our journey and create a world that is better for all.  I want to create visions for tomorrow and build them with you." My run for Governor is an expression of these vows.
Even our pets can help us see the world differently. My cat Alfredo likes to turn the world upside-down. He inspires me and makes me smile every day!